Trying to build HDIRECT with ghc-5.00.2

Sigbjorn Finne
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 13:52:02 -0700

Adrian Hey writes:
> *** ghc Newbie Alert **
> I suppose the first question i should ask is will the current version
> (hdirect 0.17) work with ghc-5.00.2 or am I wasting my time?

> I've found I have to put '-package lang' in the ghc options to get
> the installation to to work at all, but it stops eventually complaining
> unrecognised flag -K2m (obsolete presumably). Is there a ghc-5.00.2
> alternative? At this point I've given up because I don't really understand
> what I'm doing or what are appropriate settings for all those
> xyz_HC_OPTS in the makefiles or what else might need changing.
> Any advice?


the CVS repository version of HDirect is mostly(*) compatible with
ghc-5.00.2, so I'd suggest giving it a go instead of 0.17. The repository
hangs off the fptools/ one in fptools/hdirect.


(*) - ghc-5.00.2 give Int.sizeofInt{8,...} the type Int32; HDirect generated
sources assume Word32 (as it should be). => you may need to tweak
the generated code in a select few places to make ghc-5.00.2 happy.