Simon Peyton-Jones
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 01:04:05 -0800

Yes -- Andy Cheadle and Tony Field (whose paper is in ICFP00) are
planning to bring their incremental GC fully into GHC, so it'll become
part of the distribution.

I think Andy will be delighted to have a Real Customer!  So far, GC
is sufficiently unobtrusive that no one notices, so it'll be fun to have
someone who does.

Are there any other GHC users who notice GC pauses?


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| Subject: Realtime-GC
| IIRC there was some activity in the realtime GC area
| for GHC (something like experimental support for 4.0x,
| but I can't remember exactly). Any progress yet? It
| would be quite cool to fly through Quake levels without
| those small hiccups. And I'm quite sure there are more
| serious applications which would profit from that, too...  :-)
| Cheers,
|    Sven
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