[Bug #133086] complete failure (fwd)

Reuben Thomas rrt1001@cam.ac.uk
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:35:24 +0000 (GMT)

[This sort of thing is probably better on the list, because it doesn't
really isolate a bug]

> Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 07:25:29 -0800
> From: noreply@sourceforge.net
> To: noreply@sourceforge.net, noreply@sourceforge.net, cvs-ghc@haskell.org
> Subject: [Bug #133086] complete failure

> Bug #133086, was updated on 2001-Feb-19 07:25
> Here is a current snapshot of the bug.

> Details: I have tried to install ghc-4.08.2 under Windows NT
> and (as usal with the last few releases) failed.

Sorry to hear you've had difficulties with recent releases; for most people
things seem to have improved.

> I get an immediate warning that DEFAULT_TMPDIR is not set to anything
> useful.

Check you've got the most recent InstallShield (same date as the current
one); there's a bug in previous versions.

> Although files will compile they run without producing
> any output (even Hello World).

This is the mingwin problem.

> By the way,
> I note that mingw from Cygwin has no version dated
> 20001111 but the only version before this January
> is listed as 20001225 (yes really Christmas day).

There is a 20001111, but since it's now the last version but one it's not
available directly from the installer; you have to get it by hand. Sorry
about that. It looks as though the latest version (from this year) has cured
the problem, so you could try using that instead. As I write I'm building
GHC 4.08.2 with the new mingwin package installed; if that works, I'll ship
a new InstallShield shortly.