Setting up ghc for GPH and GranSim

Simon Peyton-Jones
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 03:00:07 -0800

You can't use any old GHC for GpH, I'm afraid.  (GpH modifies GHC
internally.)  Best thing to do is to go to the GpH website and get your
GHC from there.

There's a GpH mailing list, which I'm ccing.   Perhaps they are planning
a new release?


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| Sent: 21 December 2001 17:52
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| Subject: Setting up ghc for GPH and GranSim
| Hi all,
| I'm new to both this list and Haskell, so apologies if these=20
| questions have been answered before or seem obvious.  I've=20
| trawled the website and my suspicion is that I'm using a 'too=20
| new' version of the compiler that doesn't support GranSim.  Anyway:
| I'm trying to set up a ghc.  I want to compile GPH programs=20
| and run them on GranSim.
| With my current setup (details at the bottom of the mail) I=20
| get the following error when I try to compile a GPH program:=20
| [mjb67@mjb67 mjb67]$ ghc -gransim -fvia-c -fglasgow-exts=20
| --make parfib.hs=20
| ghc-5.02.1: can't find module `Prelude'
| Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?  The=20
| error is reported even when the program is normal Haskell,=20
| whenever I use the -gransim or -parallel options to the=20
| compiler.  I presume this is some sort of library issue?
| My compiler was set up in the following way:
| I installed the binary RPMs:=20

I downloaded the source RPM from:

I unpacked the source.

I then typed (in the source root directory)
./configure --enable-gransim
make install

Thanks in advance,


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