ghc image size

Dmitry Astapov
19 Dec 2001 10:51:13 +0200

>> Why is executable size a barrier?  1.64 megabytes (that's the size of
>> the executable I built with GHC most recently) of disk space costs less
>> than half a cent.

 AL> I don't like this argument.  Can I go to a computer store, pay a cent,
 AL> and get a hard disk with space 1.64 megabytes or more?  Until then, I
 AL> can't believe that 1.64 megabytes of disk space costs less than half a
 AL> cent.

1 year ago I bought 20Gb for 200$. That will be 200/(20*1024) = 0.009765625
dollars per megabyte. Pretty much less than half a cent.

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