MPI status?

Hans-Wolfgang Loidl
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 02:26:55 +0100

Hi Duncan,

Sounds like you've got a really nice toy out there ;-)

About the MPI port of GPH: right now it's not very high on our (GPH group)
priority list, but it should be fairly easy to do. Actually we already
started on that but haven't had the need to wrap it up properly. As we move
to other machines it will become more of an issue anyway, so it's mainly a
matter of timing.

As already mentioned, the more immediate step would be porting GHC to the
Cray. I'd certainly be very interested to have GPH running on a Cray. So,
if you're going to make an effort into that direction give me shout and
I'll have go at the MPI backend again.

BTW, to geat an idea about on-going implementation work check also
and the GPH page mentioned already.

  Hans Wolfgang

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001 17:51:30 -0500
Duncan Coutts <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm doing an internship at Cray Inc this summer and I might get the
> opportunity of some computer time on a T3E machine. Now I am also a great
> Haskell fan and have been wondering about the possibility of getting
> parallel Haskell running on a real super-computer. I've read that someone
> is working on porting ghc's parallel features to an MPI implementation and
> also that someone recently got the alpha port working again.
> In case you don't know a T3E is a distributed memory alpha based
> super-computer. It supports MPI & pthreads.
> So my question is, what is the state of the art? What is the state of the
> MPI port? Does the alpha port work sufficiently well. One potential
> problem I can see is that I'm not sure gcc is avaliable on the T3E and I'm
> not sure how dependant ghc is upon the various GNU C extensions.
> So, if I can get an account, I'll have untill the end of September to test
> anything anyone can give me.
> You know they still program these machines in C, C++ & Fortran. Shocking!
> ;-)
> Duncan
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