MPI status?

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:09:26 +1000

Rahul Bhargava <> wrote,

> > So my question is, what is the state of the art? What is the state of the
> > MPI port? Does the alpha port work sufficiently well. One potential
> > problem I can see is that I'm not sure gcc is avaliable on the T3E and I'm
> > not sure how dependant ghc is upon the various GNU C extensions.
> Roman Lechtchinsky <> was working towards the same end,
> GHC on the T3E (after porting gcc). 

Yes, Roman has ported gcc to the T3E (you absolutely need
gcc for GHC).  Last I heard, he was about to submit the
relavant patches to the FSF.

AFAIK, nothing has been done about the actual port of GHC to
the T3E yet.  I think, the next logical step would be to try
the recent alpha port on the T3E.  I guess, this will
require to modify the mangler, because AFAIK the assembler
on the Cray is a little different to standard alpha
assembler (at least gcc's code generation will be
different, which might already break the mangler).

I am in principle prepared to look into all this, but
haven't got much time at the moment...maybe we can get this
done in a combined effort.


PS: If you are wondering what the mangler is, look at