MPI status?

Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 01:51:04 -0700


I don't know quite what the status of GPH, the parallel version of GHC,
But there's a bunch of peopl who do, at  (eg. Phil
Hans Loidl.)  The home page is

I'm copying them, so they can reply directly.


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| Subject: MPI status?
| Hi all,
| I'm doing an internship at Cray Inc this summer and I might=20
| get the opportunity of some computer time on a T3E machine.=20
| Now I am also a great Haskell fan and have been wondering=20
| about the possibility of getting parallel Haskell running on=20
| a real super-computer. I've read that someone is working on=20
| porting ghc's parallel features to an MPI implementation and=20
| also that someone recently got the alpha port working again.
| In case you don't know a T3E is a distributed memory alpha=20
| based super-computer. It supports MPI & pthreads.
| So my question is, what is the state of the art? What is the=20
| state of the MPI port? Does the alpha port work sufficiently=20
| well. One potential problem I can see is that I'm not sure=20
| gcc is avaliable on the T3E and I'm not sure how dependant=20
| ghc is upon the various GNU C extensions.
| So, if I can get an account, I'll have untill the end of=20
| September to test anything anyone can give me.
| You know they still program these machines in C, C++ &=20
| Fortran. Shocking!
| ;-)
| Duncan
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