GHC Library Documentation

Simon Marlow
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 10:02:02 +0100

> The GHC library documentation at=20
> <>=20
> seems to=20
> have a lot missing:
> * certain modules such as MonadError

There isn't any documentation for these Monad libraries that I'm aware
of.  Of course when HaskellDoc is up and running we'll have
auto-generated documentation, but until then...

> * the 'std' category
> * the Prelude

'std' just contains the Prelude and standard libraries, and a bunch of
GHC-specific stuff that isn't intended for external consumption.  The
Prelude and standard libraries are documented in the report and library
report respectively (and GHC is pretty ruthless about not exporting
extra stuff from these libraries, so the Haskell 98 documentation should
be accurate).

When we switch over to the new library scheme and get HaskellDoc going,
we'll be able to do a much better job here.