GC options. Reply

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 15:50:34 +0100

> "Simon Marlow" <simonmar@microsoft.com> writes:
> > Ok, I've done the following:
> >   - disabled the maximum heap
> >   - RTS options are taken from the GHCRTS environment variable
> >     in addition to the command line (the command line has=20
> precedence).
> (I haven't followed this debate closely, so I may be missing out on
> something, but:)=20
> Perhaps it could be possible to embed a default in
> the executable as well, through a command line option to the
> compiler/linker?   You know, for the occasional program that actually
> requires more heap than one is comfortable declaring in GHCRTS, but
> one is too lazy to write a shell wrapper for?

You can do this already, though not with a compiler option.  It would be
possible to do it with a compiler option, but it would be tricky to
implement - basically the compiler would have to generate a small C
file, compile it, and link it into the excecutable, and somehow avoid
conflicting with any other hooks that the programmer had already

So, I'm enclined not to do this on the grounds that the payoff to effort
ratio is small.  But, as usual, if there's strong demand then we'll
probably do it anyway.