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Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Sun, 29 Apr 2001 12:16:24 -0700

I'm afraid that no one ever completed the GHC Haskell->Java
story.  The idea is that the JVM is the runtime, but of
course you need to implement the standard libraries somehow,=20
and all the primitive operations GHC uses.   Not a trivial
task, but one we are undertaking for .NET.

Bottom line: the reason you can't find a runtime is because
you are supposed to compile the Java with a Java compiler
and run that.  But you'll need to do more than that to
actually run programs


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| Hello,
| I  managed  to restore an option for GHC 5.00 to produce=20
| java output but I realized that I also need some runtime=20
| system  to  run  the  java  program  produced  by GHC. I=20
| examined  the GHC source tree and the GHC website but in=20
| vain. Where do I get the runtime system?
| Thanks in advance.
| Kwanghoon
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