memory in --make

Thu, 26 Apr 2001 08:42:00 +0400


It occurs that                         ghc-5.00 --make  
spends the memory in a particular way.
Making my project via Makefile (envoking ghc driver many times)
succeeds within  -M29m.
While                   ghc --make ... -Mxxx  Mk.hs
needs more than  50Mb,
probably, because it keeps much intermediate information between 
compiling the modules.
Still I managed to `make' it with  -M29m  by issueing the latter
command two times more, after the  insufficient-heap  break.
ghc --make   still looks faster and better to arrange.
Each time it compiles only remainging modules.
Maybe, something can be done to avoid these heap-exhausted breaks?
For, seeing that some modules remain to compile and heap is
exhausted, ghc can save the intermediate information to disk 
giving the room for the next module compilation.
Also it can restart the driver itself - with appropriate message
- ?

Serge Mechveliani