Difficulties compiling hmake / HaXml

Lescher Christian christian.lescher@icn.siemens.de
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 15:11:57 +0200

Now that I made it through the hmake compilation and went on to the haXml tools I come to another problem with compiling haXml.
The error message (below) lead me to the missing file (IOExts.hi) which I found in "/lib/imports/lang". I searched the Makefile and recognized the "HFLAGS" variable wich seems to be set for the ghc-compiler and the path to the "lang" directory.
But, as there is an error message what is wrong ? Is there a problem with the Makefile or the directory structure? Can you help me go on?

Cheers, Christian

cd lib; hmake XmlLib.hs
ghc    -c -o Pretty.o Pretty.lhs
ghc    -c -o XmlTypes.o XmlTypes.hs
ghc    -c -o XmlPP.o XmlPP.hs
ghc    -c -o XmlLex.o XmlLex.hs
ghc    -c -o ParseSTLib.o ParseSTLib.hs
ghc    -c -o XmlHtmlParse.o XmlHtmlParse.hs
ghc    -c -o XmlParse.o XmlParse.hs

    Could not find interface file for `IOExts'
    in the directories ./*.hi

Compilation had errors

make: *** [XmlLib] Error 1