ghc-4.xx Alpha port?

Simon Marlow
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 07:40:58 -0800

> Hi guys.  Has anyone been so rash as to try this?  Any indications
> as to the likely "degree of difficulty"?  I'd have a go myself, but
> I'm rather busy with teaching.  (Which is ironic, since teaching is
> what I want it for...)

Degree of difficulty is likely to be less than a starting completely
non-existent port (eg. IA64), but still significant.  The 64-bitness is
likely to be more of an issue than the Alpha-specific stuff, though.

If there's sufficient demand for a port I'll help out; I did have an
account on the Compaq testdrive machines at one point (they have
Alpha/Linux and Alpha/*BSD machines) which has probably expired now, but
it's a good place to get some free Alpha cycles.