getting type information about local bindings

Simon Peyton-Jones
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 01:23:28 -0800

Don't try to get the type environment out.  Instead, look at the
syntax tree produced by the type checker.  Each binder is an Id.
There's a function 
	idType :: Id -> Type
that tells you the type of each binder.  Quite how you present it
to the user in a good way isn't clear to me, 


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| Subject: getting type information about local bindings
| Hi all,
| In GHC 4.09 the flag "-ddump-types" causes the type signatures of 
| top-level bound identifiers to be printed.
| I would really like to make use of the type-checker in GHC, 
| however, I would
| also like to obtain the types of locally bound identifiers
| (things in let expressions and where clauses). Obviously 
| there is going to
| be some trickery regarding type variables from enclosing scopes.
| I looked in the TcModule.lhs module and noticed that the TcResults 
| value returned by typecheckModule contains a value 
| environment that only
| specifies the types of top bound identifiers.
| Further investigation of the code led me to the TcBinds.lhs module
| and the tcBindsAndThen function. I can see that local type 
| environments 
| are not passed upwards during type checking/inference.
| At some point I got lost in the code. Does anyone know of a 
| reasonable means
| for obtaining this type information? I don't mind doing some 
| hacking, but
| I wanted to get advise from the experts as to whether I might 
| be wasting
| my time. 
| Perhaps such a thing is done somewhere when generating Core code?
| As an aside I dare say that such an extension would be useful 
| to other 
| people, particularly those writing source transformation code.
| Regards,
| Bernie.
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