My mistake is harder to diagnose than it could be

Simon Peyton-Jones
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 09:11:47 -0800

In the new GHCi system we plan to make it *required* that the module name
and the file name
match, EXCEPT for module Main.

This seems to remove a whole class of errors.

Yell if that'll be problematic for you


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| Subject: My mistake is harder to diagnose than it could be
| I've just done the same mistake a third time: took a module A, moved
| part of it to a new module B, imported A from B, but forgot to change
| the module header in B which still said "module A".
| The GHC's answer to that when compiling B.hs is that the module A
| does not export a bunch of things (if listed explicitly in import),
| or that they are not found at all (if imported the whole A). Things
| that are easily seen exported from A.hs - strange that I was wondering
| again what's going on.
| GHC should warn when a module imports itself. Or warn about mismatches
| between the module and file name except Main. Or whatever - 
| the current
| error message is not very helpful.
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