ANNOUNCE: Happy version 1.9

Simon Marlow
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 09:46:25 -0800

ANNOUNCING  Happy 1.9  - The LALR(1) Parser Generator for Haskell

I'm pleased to announce version 1.9 of Happy, the parser generator
system for Haskell.  Changes in this version, relative to version 1.8
(the previous full release):

        * A grammar may now contain several entry points, allowing
          several parsers to share parts of the grammar.

        * Some bugfixes.

Happy is available in source form, which can be compiled with GHC
version 4.xx (4.08.1 recommended), and we also provide binaries for
some architectures.  The Happy homepage with links to the various
distributions lives at:

Please send any bug reports and comments to