Beginners profiling question

Simon Marlow
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 03:18:20 -0800

> So I have tried profiling the first time...
>   using ghc-4.08.1 with options -prof -auto-all
>   runtime option -px
>   ghcprof and daVinci work like a charm
> what I see is
>   main uses 99.90 % time and space
>   sat for practical purposes is the only function called from main and
>   uses ca. 12 % time and space
> what am I doing wrong...
> Prelude not compiled for profiling?

I'm not sure what you're expecting to see - the profile looks reasonable
to me.  Why do you think it's wrong?

Ah, perhaps you're worried that the percentages don't add up to 100%:
that's because they're "inherited", i.e. sat's costs form part of the
total costs of main, because main called sat.  The daVinci browser has a
button to turn off inherited stats, as I recall.

BTW, we're working on a new profile viewer.  Here is a screenshot
showing your profile:

the user interface is little rough at the moment, but you can see the
general idea.