[ghc-steering-committee] GHC Steering Committee Status

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Mon Jan 22 21:47:24 UTC 2024

Dear Committee,

I guess it’s time for a final status summary for me, to leave this
place in good order for Adam to take over. Indeed, it is long due, the
last one was on Sept 9. What happened since then?

 * Our chairs, the Simons, will serve another term.

 * GHC2024 proposed, discussed, voted upon and accepted. Although
   now there is pushback against making it the out-of-the-box experience,
   which is stalling the MR. If someone feels strongly, they should probably
   make a proposal.

 * Simon introduced a spreadsheet to keep better track of ongoing

 * We had various discussions around stability in various venues,
   eventually converging in a document at
   and the proposal at https://github.com/ghc-proposals/ghc-proposals/pull/625

 * we were asked to review these proposals:

   #571: -Wsevere, Shepherd: Adam  
   #569: multiline string literals, Shepherd: Eric
   #612: -fhpc tix file changes, Shepherd: Moritz
   #606: 281 to use atype instead of ktype, Shepherd: Richard
   #624: Linear lets, Shepherd: Richard
   #626: Visible Forall in Types, Shepherd: Arnaud
   #625: Stability Goals, Shepherd: Moritz

 * we have a recommendation from the shepherd about:

   #434: Fine-grained unused warnings, rec: accept
   #609: Amend or-patterns to use ;, rec: accept
   #571: -Wsevere, rec: accept
   #526: Applicative Comprehensions, rec: accept
   #493: SPECIALISE with expressions, rec: accept
   #626: Amendment of Visible Forall in Types, recommendation: Accept
   #569: multiline string literals; Rec: accept
   #624: linear let-bindings; recommendation: accept

 * we have sent the following proposals back to revision

   #193: Updated partial type signatures
   #526: Applicative Comprehensions (dormant)
   #536: Type-level literals as a sep language extension

 * we decided about the following proposals

   #583: HasField redesign, accept
   #626: Amendment of Visible Forall in Types, accept
   #493: SPECIALISE with expressions: accept
   #585: Amend Or Patterns (merged as #609), accept

So we currently have to act on the following 9 proposals,
same number than last time (but luckily different proposals).

## Waiting for committee decision

#512: NoFieldSelectors as datatype annotation, Shepherd: Vlad
      2022-09-03: Assigned to Baldur
      2022-10-02: Reassignd to Vlad
      2022-11-30: Vlad recommends rejection
      2023-12-11: Vlads most recent push for a resolution
      Last suggestion was a “conditional accept”. Guess
      we should do that.

#569: Multi-line string literals, Shepherd: Eric
      Acceptance pending, I believe

#434: Fine-grained unused warnings, Shepherd: Chris
      2023-07-90: Assigned to Chris
      2023-09-09: Acceptance suggested
      Mostly positive responses

#624: linear let-bindings
      2023-12-07: Assigned to Richard
      2024-01-06: Acceptance recommended

## Waiting for shepherd recommendation

#597: Constraints synonyms in deriving heads
      2023-07-25 Assigned to Moritz

#606: 281 to use atype instead of ktype, 
      2023-11-30 Assigned to Richard

#608: no implicit bindings with -XPatternSignatures
      2023-08-17: Assinged to Richard

#612: -fhpc tix file changes
      2023-09-27: Assigned to Moritz

#625: Stability Goals
      2023-12-18: Assigned to Moritz

With that I’d like to say thanks you all for bearing with my
secretarial whims throughout the years and never ever once complaining
about my sometimes Machiavellian shephard assignments. And thanks in
particular to Adam to take over so readily; I believe the proposals are
in good hands with you.


Joachim Breitner
  mail at joachim-breitner.de

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