[ghc-steering-committee] Fine-Grained Unused Warnings (#42)

Chris Dornan chris at chrisdornan.com
Tue Feb 13 10:59:28 UTC 2024

Proposal: Fine-Grained Unused Warnings (#42)
Author: Jakob Br√ľnker
Rendered proposal: https://github.com/JakobBruenker/ghc-proposals/blob/fine-grained-unused/proposals/0000-fine-grained-unused-warnings.rst
Discussion: https://github.com/ghc-proposals/ghc-proposals/pull/434
Recommendation: Acceptance

## Summary

The proposal partitions warning about unused identifiers into 

a) bindings that are truly unused (not mentioned anywhere) and 
b) bindings that are mentioned exclusively in code that is itself (transitively) unused,

and suppresses the latter unless the -freport-indirectly-unused-bindings flag is specified.

The proposal is concise with some well-chosen examples and I recommend everyone at least skim it.

I propose	 that we accept this proposal if nobody objects by the start of next week (Monday, 2024-02-19).


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