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Wed Dec 23 11:14:59 UTC 2020


Am Mittwoch, den 23.12.2020, 10:07 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones via
> >  Simon, is this sufficient that it can replace manually maintaining the
> >  Google doc?
> Thank you!   Yes, it's 90% as good which is probably enough. Can you
> put them in a specified order rather than alphabetical?  (Having
> "Class and instance decls" so far from "Types" is odd.)

Tricky. Maybe I can parse docs/users_guide/exts.rst and use the order
of that file (putting all those that are _not_ part of that file

… ok, done. (If the order is now unsuitable I hope that we can improve
that at the source, in the GHC docs :-))

> TypeApplications has nothing to do with Patterns.

Hmm, this is because GHC’s master


mentions type_application. This glitch will go away once someone merges

> Why is DeriveGeneric under "Misc" rather than "Deriving"?

Because it’s official place in the documentation at
is in

    Docs » 6. Language extensions » 6.19. Miscellaneous » 6.19.3. Generic programming

> What is the difference between "Other" and "Misc"?

Miscellaneous is when I find the extension in

Other is when my script can’t make sense of which section it belongs
to. This happens when the documentation isn’t grouped under a dedicated
header; for example

   Docs » 6. Language extensions » 6.17. Foreign function interface (FFI)

I guess in that case I should try to take the title of that section…

… done, no Other shows up any more.

It would be helpful if GHC would publish a fully machine-readable file
with all the meta data about extensions:

 * Name
 * Since which version
 * Category
 * Link to docs
 * Implied extensions
 * Part of Haskell98? Part of Haskell2010? Part of the “default set”?

Until we have that, I guess I'll continue scraping the `.rst` files.

Joachim Breitner
  mail at joachim-breitner.de

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