[ghc-steering-committee] #380 GHC2021: Third status update

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Mon Dec 7 18:17:17 UTC 2020

Dear Committe,

it’s been two weeks since we started voting. We are still short one
vote (Cale, release the suspsense!). But also, there are still plenty
of “maybes” in your vote. I encourage you to change them to yes or no
(at least for those extensions that are near the edge), so that we have
more clarity on which extensions are actually worth spending emails on.

As always, the table
has the current data. (And even even got community contributions to
improve its readability. Yay!)

We discussed many extensions on (and I might have missed some):

 * The innnocence of PostfixOperators was pointed out, and widely
 * Joachim pleads for UnicodeSyntax
 * InstanceSigs worries seems to have been addressed, it’s on its way
 * Whether OverloadedString is harmless enough.
 * Whether ViewPatterns are good enough (given that alternative ideas 
 * That ForeignFunctionInterfaces is actually part of Haskell2010
 * That this isn’t quite the right time to ditch StarIsType
 * CUSKs vs. StandaloneKindSignatures
 * BlockArguments is liked by some, but may be too new
 * GADTs were advocated for a lot, but also a bit against, so not 
 * Same with ExistentialQuantification
 * PolyKinds were advocated for (and got many votes)
 * ScopedTypeVariables is wanted on by default by some,
   despite the fact that nobody believes it’s the last
   word on that design corner. Alejandro argues that it’s
   ok to include it even if it will change in GHC202X again,
   but elsewhere SPJ says that GHC2021 should only include extensions
   we have reason to hope are stable and stay around .
 * Arnaud wonders about the hesitation to include 

Applying the actual quota of ⅔ out of 11, i.e. 8 votes, these would go
in no matter how Cale votes:

   BangPatterns, BinaryLiterals, ConstrainedClassMethods,
   ConstraintKinds, DeriveDataTypeable, DeriveFoldable, DeriveFunctor,
   DeriveGeneric, DeriveLift, DeriveTraversable, EmptyCase,
   EmptyDataDecls, EmptyDataDeriving, ExplicitForAll, FlexibleContexts,
   FlexibleInstances, GADTSyntax, GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving,
   HexFloatLiterals, ImportQualifiedPost, InstanceSigs, KindSignatures,
   MultiParamTypeClasses, NamedFieldPuns, NumericUnderscores,
   PolyKinds, PostfixOperators, RankNTypes, StandaloneDeriving,
   StarIsType, TypeApplications, TypeOperators, TypeSynonymInstances

The following have 7 votes, which is the quorum based on 10 ballots:

   ExistentialQuantification, ForeignFunctionInterface, MonoLocalBinds,
   NegativeLiterals, RecordWildCards, StandaloneKindSignatures,

And these are one vote short:

   DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, GADTs, NamedWildCards,
   ScopedTypeVariables, TupleSections, UnicodeSyntax, ViewPatterns

Not sure how useful the list of symmetric difference report is, but
here it is:

would miss:
DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, FunctionalDependencies, GADTs,
LambdaCase, MonadFailDesugaring, NamedWildCards,
NoMonomorphismRestriction, NullaryTypeClasses, NumDecimals,
OverloadedLists, OverloadedStrings, ScopedTypeVariables, TupleSections,
UnicodeSyntax, ViewPatterns
doesn’t want:

would miss:
Arrows, DerivingStrategies, ExplicitNamespaces, FunctionalDependencies,
GADTs, MonadFailDesugaring, PartialTypeSignatures,
TypeFamilyDependencies, ViewPatterns
doesn’t want:
ExistentialQuantification, ImportQualifiedPost, InstanceSigs,
NamedFieldPuns, PolyKinds, RankNTypes, RecordWildCards,
StandaloneKindSignatures, TypeSynonymInstances

would miss:
DataKinds, DefaultSignatures, DisambiguateRecordFields,
ExplicitNamespaces, FunctionalDependencies, GADTs, MonadFailDesugaring,
NamedWildCards, OverloadedLists, OverloadedStrings,
PartialTypeSignatures, PatternSynonyms, RoleAnnotations,
ScopedTypeVariables, TypeFamilyDependencies
doesn’t want:
EmptyDataDeriving, ForeignFunctionInterface

would miss:
BlockArguments, CApiFFI, MultiWayIf, NoMonomorphismRestriction,
NullaryTypeClasses, ParallelListComp, RecursiveDo, UnicodeSyntax,
doesn’t want:
ConstrainedClassMethods, EmptyCase, ExplicitForAll, GADTSyntax,
GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving, InstanceSigs, KindSignatures,
MonoLocalBinds, NegativeLiterals, PolyKinds, StandaloneKindSignatures,
StarIsType, TypeApplications, TypeFamilies, TypeOperators

would miss:
DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, DerivingVia, LambdaCase, NamedWildCards,
NondecreasingIndentation, RoleAnnotations, TupleSections,
UnicodeSyntax, UnliftedFFITypes, UnliftedNewtypes
doesn’t want:
ConstrainedClassMethods, ExistentialQuantification,

would miss:
BlockArguments, DefaultSignatures, DerivingStrategies, DerivingVia,
DisambiguateRecordFields, ExplicitNamespaces, LexicalNegation,
NamedWildCards, NumDecimals, ParallelListComp, RoleAnnotations,
TemplateHaskellQuotes, TupleSections, UnicodeSyntax, UnliftedNewtypes,
doesn’t want:
MonoLocalBinds, NegativeLiterals, RecordWildCards, TypeFamilies

would miss:
DataKinds, DefaultSignatures, GADTs, LambdaCase, LiberalTypeSynonyms,
MultiWayIf, NoMonomorphismRestriction, NondecreasingIndentation,
NumDecimals, OverloadedStrings, PatternSynonyms, ScopedTypeVariables,
TupleSections, UnicodeSyntax
doesn’t want:
DeriveLift, NumericUnderscores, TypeApplications, TypeOperators

would miss:
NoMonomorphismRestriction, NullaryTypeClasses, OverloadedLists,
OverloadedStrings, ParallelListComp, RecursiveDo, RoleAnnotations,
ScopedTypeVariables, ViewPatterns
doesn’t want:
ForeignFunctionInterface, GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving, NegativeLiterals,
RecordWildCards, TypeFamilies

would miss:
BlockArguments, DataKinds, DefaultSignatures, DerivingStrategies,
DerivingVia, DisambiguateRecordFields, DuplicateRecordFields,
ExplicitNamespaces, FunctionalDependencies, GADTs, LambdaCase,
LexicalNegation, LiberalTypeSynonyms, MagicHash, MultiWayIf,
NamedWildCards, NullaryTypeClasses, NumDecimals, PackageImports,
ParallelListComp, QuasiQuotes, RoleAnnotations, ScopedTypeVariables,
TemplateHaskell, TemplateHaskellQuotes, TupleSections,
TypeFamilyDependencies, UnboxedSums, UnboxedTuples, UnicodeSyntax,
UnliftedNewtypes, ViewPatterns
doesn’t want:
ForeignFunctionInterface, MonoLocalBinds, StarIsType

would miss:
DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, DerivingVia, GADTs, LambdaCase,
MonadFailDesugaring, NamedWildCards, OverloadedLists,
OverloadedStrings, ScopedTypeVariables, TupleSections, ViewPatterns
doesn’t want:
ExistentialQuantification, StandaloneKindSignatures


Joachim Breitner
  mail at joachim-breitner.de

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