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Sun Feb 26 04:26:43 UTC 2017

[I sent this mail from Monday to the wrong address, second try]


there was a bit confusion about our documentation, so with SPJ’s
blessing I went ahead and restructured it a bit. For now, this is only
on a branch and not live yet:


Note that it starts with a concise timeline of a proposal, and from
there has links to section answering specific questions, within the
same file. What was three files before (README, process, committee) is
now all in here (with the exception of the “detailed instructions” for
the Github-novice, which is in a separate file). This should make it
easier for everyone involved to know who has to do what when.

Our process is, however, flawed: We ask authors to set labels (“Under
Discussion” and “Under Committee Review”), but they do not have
permissions to do so. So this does not quite work.

So I suggest the following change:

 * What was “Under Discussion” is now simply any PR that does not have
any other label. This way, when opening discussion, nothing concrete
has to be done. Which is easier. (GitHub allows to list all PRs that
have no label, so there is no loss in functionality here.)

 * When the author wants to submit the PR, he sends a mail to this
mailinglist (is this set up to accept mails from non-subscribers?) and
it its the task of the shephard to set the label to indicate that that
the committee has accepted to review the proposal. (At this point, the
shephard could for example set the `Out-of-scope` label instead.)

If there are no complains I will adjust the docs-restructuring branch
accordingly and then move that to master.


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