GHC Weekly call

Simon Peyton Jones simon.peytonjones at
Tue Jan 23 14:20:25 UTC 2024

Dear GHC developers

Every week (2pm London time, Tuesdays) we hold a call for people to share
what they are working on GHC-land.  Would you like to come?

The call is open to *any member of the GHC Team.  *And *the GHC Team is
inclusive*: if you are working on GHC you are a member of the Team: see
here for details <>.

Why come?

   - It gives you a window into what is happening in GHC land
   - It gives you a chance to influence what is happening
   - It builds community -- you get face-to-face contact with others
   working on GHC

If you'd like to come, drop a line to Matthew Pickering
matthew at

See you there!

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