Milestones page is missing or has inaccurate dates

Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Oct 12 23:51:30 UTC 2022

George Colpitts <george.colpitts at> writes:

> Hi
> The Milestones page <> is
> missing many dates or has inaccurate dates:
>    - Most milestones don't have any associated completion date.
>    - As far as I know 9.4.2 and 9.2.4 are released but the milestones pages
>    doesn't seem to show that.
> Can the page be updated so we have an idea of what is coming when?
> There has been a lot of great work done and I know a lot is being worked
> on. It would be great if the milestones page could be updated to better
> reflect that.
I have updated the dates of 9.4.2, 9.4.3, 9.2.4, and 9.6.1. In short,

 * 9.6.1 is scheduled for some time in January 2023; we plan to fork for
   this release next month

 * I am actively working on backports for 9.4.3 as we speak

 * my colleague Zubin will be working on 9.2.4 next week, hopefully for
   release the following week

 * 9.4.2 was released in late August

There are quite a few other milestones which lack dates; for the most
part these are releases which don't have a formal timeline yet.


 - Ben
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