Implementors for deprecated exports?

David Christiansen david at
Tue Nov 29 20:49:49 UTC 2022

Dear GHC developers,

The HF's Stability Working Group ( has been looking into ways
to help Haskell developers maintain their code in the face of changes to
the language and libraries.

Out of the ideas we found, one is already an accepted GHC proposal, just
waiting for implementation! This is adding the ability to deprecate an
export, rather than just a definition, which would allow a function to be
moved to a new home, with the old location re-exporting it under a
deprecation warning for a few releases.

We're wondering: do any of you feel inspired to implement this?  If you
did, we'd do our best to make sure that you are supported with design
advice and code review. This is probably not a good first contribution to
GHC; you'll need some familiarity with GHC and how to build it.

The accepted proposal is here:

The GHC ticket that it emerged from is here:

All the best,
David and Simon
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