stack exec -- pacman broken

Shayne Fletcher shayne.fletcher.50 at
Wed May 11 12:45:35 UTC 2022

On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 5:55 PM Shayne Fletcher <shayne.fletcher.50 at>

> this isn't exactly a GHC issue but perhaps someone knows how to get it
> resolved? (suspecting commercial/stack i've raised [this issue](
> there).
> tl;dr `stack exec -- pacman -S ...` like commands required for building
> GHC on windows are broken and have been for sometime

Thanks to commericalhaskell/stack maintainer Mike Pilgrem and Michael
Snoyman, the 64-bit MSYS2 that `stack` downloads has been bumped to version
20220503 and issue #5732 above is resolved!

Shayne Fletcher
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