Wiki page for WebAssembly support in GHC

Cheng Shao cheng.shao at
Thu Mar 3 14:11:56 UTC 2022

Hi all,

We're planning to add WebAssembly support to GHC. This work will be
delivered by me and Norman Ramsey, the former Asterius team at Tweag.

In the past few months, we did a strategic shift and focused on
growing GHC towards Asterius, leveraging existing RTS as much as
possible. We've made decent progress since then, and we expect to
target 9.6 release much like GHCJS.

We've created the wiki
page, as a central point for communication. You're welcome to take a
look and ask questions (either in this thread or editing that page in
place), we'll answer the questions in the FAQ section.


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