use Hadrian to see if compiler compiles?

Richard Eisenberg lists at
Tue Jan 25 19:21:37 UTC 2022

> On Jan 25, 2022, at 2:15 PM, Norman Ramsey <nr at> wrote:
> Cool!  Supposing I wanted to run just a little code that uses the GHC API.
> Would there be a way to load the Prelude and similar things into that GHCi,
> so it could know about Bool and IO and such things?

The GHCi that runs is your system's GHCi, so it has access to everything installed in your bootstrap GHC. However, I don't see a connection between your second sentence and your last sentence: that is, the GHCi will certainly know about Bool and IO, but I don't see how that helps with the GHC API. I have no idea how you would use the GHC API in this mode. My advice would be to use this trick to get quick feedback about compilation, and then once GHC compiles, use other more well-worn techniques to build it and test your application.


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