How to exploit ./hadrian/ghci to find errors quickly?

Norman Ramsey nr at
Wed Feb 2 14:49:49 UTC 2022

 > > [Finding the locations of compiler errors after a change]
 > This is the typical use case for a language server.
 > I have haskell-language-server installed and use it extensively on GHC 
 > for stuff like jump to definition and immediate compilation feedback.
 > There's also "jump to next error" if you want that.

I've now reached the stage where I make a change in a module, and it
compiles, but the change causes a compiler error in another module far
away.  Is there a way to ask the language server to jump to an error
in another module?  (I'm using Emacs lsp-mode, and all I've found for
errors is `flycheck-next-error`, which is not ideal.  But if the
language server can monitor the whole project, I'll get some Emacs
help on how to get the info there.)


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