How to coordinate Haddock MR with GHC MR?

Norman Ramsey nr at
Tue Apr 19 21:01:49 UTC 2022

 > * You create an MR for GHC that needs Haddock patched
 > * You open an MR on the Haddock mirror on the Haskell Gitlab, targeting 
 > the ghc-head branch
 > * It gets merged
 > * You update the haddock submodule in the GHC git tree
 > * And done.

Thank you!!

I've created !5 on the Haddock mirror, and it's on the same branch as
GHC's !7442 (wip/backend-as-record).  Do I need to do anything else to
get Gitlab to re-run CI on !7442?  (As of 30 minutes ago, CI was
failing because Haddock would not compile.)


 > Le 19/04/2022 à 19:28, Norman Ramsey a écrit :
 > > GHC merge request !7442 changes the GHC API in a way that requires
 > > a one-line change in `utils/haddock`.  What should I do with this?
 > > I can create an MR for the Haddock people, but I don't know how to
 > > mark it as something that should be applied at exactly the same
 > > time that Haddock transitions to GHC 9.6.  Please advise.

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