Seeking RTS experts to review delimited continuations MR

Alexis King lexi.lambda at
Fri Apr 15 00:32:35 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I have recently opened a draft MR with my initial implementation of
first-class delimited continuations in the RTS, available here:

The MR is not entirely finished—it still requires docs and tests, which I
am gradually working on. However, barring any bugs I discover after writing
those tests, I believe the implementation itself is feature-complete with
respect to the proposal. Given that it is a nontrivial patch to a somewhat
unloved portion of GHC, and given that there are a couple questions I have
about how best to go about testing certain interactions in the first place,
I figured I would reach out and see if anyone particularly familiar with
the guts of the RTS would be willing to volunteer some time to give it a
careful look.

The good news is that the patch is not actually very large, and it changes
very little existing code: the diffstats currently sit at +1,078 -48. For
those interested in taking a look at the patch, I recommend starting with
the Notes mentioned in the MR description. I suspect they may be a bit
sparse at the moment, so please do not hesitate to ask questions; I will do
my best to respond promptly.

Many thanks,
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