Release Updates - 9.4.1 and 9.2.3

Matthew Pickering matthewtpickering at
Wed Apr 6 08:59:59 UTC 2022

Hi all,

We have now forked the 9.4 branch.

There are a few outstanding patches which have not yet been finished
but which are essential to the release.

* (#21019) Windows Toolchain Updates - Ben
* (#20405) Partial Register Stall - Ben/Andreas
* (!7812) Syntactic Unification - Sam

The target date for the first alpha for 9.4.1 is 1st May.

We have started preparing the 9.2.3 release in order to fix issues
discovered in the 9.2.2 release. I will post separately to the list
shortly when the schedule for this release is confirmed. The release
manager for this release is Zubin.



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