Cmm comments are not Haddock comments---should this change?

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Wed Oct 20 07:16:10 UTC 2021

Sounds like a good idea to me.  I think `foo` works as we as @foo@ in 
Haddock comments, and is a whole lot less obtrusive when looking at the 
comments in their non-typeset form (which is all I ever do).


PS: I am leaving Microsoft at the end of November 2021, at which point simonpj at will cease to work.  Use simon.peytonjones at instead.  (For now, it just forwards to simonpj at

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|  Subject: Cmm comments are not Haddock comments---should this change?
|  The definitions of the Cmm data structures are richly commented in the
|  source code, but the comments are not Haddock comments, so the
|  information doesn't make it into the Haddock documentation.
|  As I refresh my memory about Cmm, I'm thinking of converting the
|  existing comments to Haddock comments.  The only downside I can think
|  of is that the Haddock pages may appear more cluttered.
|  Is there any reason I should refrain?
|  Norman
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