GitLab outage

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Oct 18 23:39:37 UTC 2021

Norman Ramsey <nr at> writes:

>  > Unfortunately yesterday yet again ran out of disk
>  > space. It is currently being migrated to another machine and in the
>  > meantime things may be a bit flaky. Many apologies for the
>  > inconvenience. More updates will be coming as the situation develops.
> I see that gitlab is back up, but also that its host key has changed.
> That would make sense if you have migrated to an existing machine with
> its own configuration.  But could you kindly please confirm that
> fingerprint for the new host is expected to be as follows?
Indeed I realized the mistake shortly after sending my previous email
and restored the host key.

The host keys are: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIA7ltOZyaULDgxE3Vw6RgQVp+OPKQi79ssUenbhdWy36 ssh-rsa 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


- Ben
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