where to go for HLS details?

Zubin Duggal zubin at well-typed.com
Tue Oct 12 18:45:13 UTC 2021

>Can you recommend an IRC client?  I tried using the web-based client,
>got limited response, and then the client destroyed all history.

I hear Matrix is a reasonable way to have a persistent connection these

>I applied the patch, removed _build/docs, and rebuilt the
>documentation via `./hadrian/build -j _build/docs/html/libraries/index.html`.
>I then restarted the HLS. Unfortunately, that change did not resolve
>the difficulty.  As an example, the documentation for `putStrLn` reads
>as follows:

The bug affects GHC 9.0.1 (which I'm assuming is your boot compiler
given the appearance of base- The patch hasn't been backported
yet, so it would need to be applied to the ghc-9.0 tree and you would
need to use that as your boot compiler if this is indeed the problem.

The docs you built using the hadrian invokation are for `base-`
or the boot libaries for the stage2 compiler (which lives in

You can check that this is indeed the problem by running

$ ghc-pkg -f _build/stage0/lib/package.conf.d describe base


$ ghc-pkg -f _build/stage0/lib/package.conf.d field base haddock-html

You could also inspect `_build/stage0/lib/package.conf.d/base-*.conf`

The 'haddock-html` field should point to a directory with all the
rendered haddock HTML pages. 

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