where to go for HLS details?

Norman Ramsey nr at cs.tufts.edu
Tue Oct 12 16:37:50 UTC 2021

Where is the place to go to talk details of the Haskell Language Server?
I'm using the HLS with the GHC I have compiled from HEAD, and I am
sitting on a number of difficulties:

  - When a project is compiled against a Stage 1 `base` library (as
    opposed to the one shipped with the bootstrap compiler), I am not
    always getting the documentation I expect.

  - The HLint part of the HLS seems to struggle finding modules in
    nested directories.

  - I cannot seem to get the `hiedb` command to index any files.

  - I'd like to set up the HLS to get to documentation via an HTTP-ish
    URL rather than the file:// URL that it is currently using, so
    that `doc-index.json` can be loaded successfully.

I'm not quite ready to open a Github issue for any of these troubles
just yet, but I'm not sure I can make progress on my own.  Where is a
good place to go for help?


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