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Moritz Angermann moritz.angermann at
Fri Mar 19 23:30:43 UTC 2021

I can try to step up and be backup on the other side of the planet. Ben and
I are almost 12hs apart exactly.

On Sat, 20 Mar 2021 at 1:32 AM, Richard Eisenberg <rae at> wrote:

> On Mar 19, 2021, at 12:44 PM, howard.b.golden at wrote:
> I would like to help however I can. I already maintain the Haskell
> wiki, and I would like to improve and document its configuration using
> devops techniques, preferably consistent with
> Thanks, Howard!
> I will try to take you up on your offer to help: do you think you could
> start this documentation process more broadly? That is, not just covering
> the Haskell Wiki, but also, say, (You say you wish to
> document the wiki's configuration consistently with,
> but I don't know that the latter is documented!)
> Ideally, I would love to know what services hosts, who runs
> them, and what happens if those people become unavailable. There's a zoo of
> services out there, and knowing who does what would be invaluable.
> Of course, anyone can start this process, but it takes someone willing to
> stick with it and see it through for a few weeks. Since Howard boldly
> stepped forward, I nominate him. :)
> Thanks,
> Richard
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