GSOC Idea: Bytecode serialization and/or Fat Interface files

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Mar 14 01:00:48 UTC 2021

John Ericson <john.ericson at> writes:

> Yes, see 
> where we (Obsidian) and IOHK have been planning together.
> I must saw, I am a bit skeptical about a GSOC being able to take this on 
> successfully. I thought Fendor did a great job with multiple home units, 
> for example, but we have still to finish merging all his work! The 
> driver is perhaps the biggest cesspool of technical debt in GHC, and it 
> will take a while to untangle let alone implement new features.
> I forget what the rules are for more incremental or multifaceted 
> projects, but I would prefer an approach of trying to untangle things 
> with no singular large goal. Or maybe we can involve a student with 
> efforts to improve CI, attacking the root cause for why it's so hard to 
> land things in the first place .
I think this would be ill-suited to a GSoC project. GSoC projects are
strongly encouraged to be measurable projects with a clear development
trajectory from the outset and multiple concrete checkpoints. If we want
the project to be successful I think it would be a mistake to wander
from this guidance.


- Ben

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