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Wed Mar 3 00:13:12 UTC 2021

Ben Gamari <ben at> writes:

> tl;dr. Provisional release schedule for 9.2 enclosed. Please discuss,
>        especially if you have something you would like merged for 9.2.1.
> Hello all,
Hi all,

With the planned fork deadline looming, I thought now would be a good
time for a bit of a status update. As you likely realized, various CI
breakages have resulted in quite a bit of lost merge time over the past
two weeks. As a result, we currently have many, but far from all, of the
patches slated for 9.2 in the tree.

To avoid having a repeat of the very backport-heavy 9.0 series, I am
going to bump back the fork date at least another week to allow the
remaining large bits of work to make it into the tree.

In particular what remains is:

 * Finishing the rework of sized integer primops (#19026, John Ericson)
 * Bumping bytestring to 0.11 (#19091, Ben)
 * Merge of ghc-exactprint into GHC? (Alan Zimmerman, Henry)
 * -XGHC2021 (Joachim)
 * Bytecode-from-STG (Luite)
 * Record dot syntax (Shayne)
 * template-haskell putDoc/getDoc (!3330, Luke Lau)
 * UnliftedDataTypes (!2218, Sebastian Graf)
 * ARM NCG backend and further stabilize Apple ARM support? (Moritz)

If you see a project of yours above then do let me know soon if you have
doubts whether you can get it into a mergeable state this week.


- Ben

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