Newcomer looking for mentorship on a HPC / Coverage related issue

Javran Cheng javran.c at
Tue Mar 2 21:53:09 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I'm a newcomer (not entirely new as I did have some contribution few years
back but the workflow seems to have changed a lot) and is working on
I'm looking for some (informal) mentorship on that issue - I think I know what
the problem is
<>, but I need
someone with more experience to help developing a concrete plan before
working on a fix, as this might involve two parts in GHC codebase: HPC
source code and GHC/HsToCore/Coverage.
I tried to ask for comments and other related bits on IRC few months back
but that doesn't attract much attention. Now that I'm in the mood of
hacking GHC again, I figure probably finding a mentorship might work better.

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