safe to upgrade my Mac?

Alfredo Di Napoli alfredo.dinapoli at
Thu Jan 28 07:32:22 UTC 2021

Hi Richard,

I am running 10.15.7 and I think I upgraded to Catalina months ago (but I
don't exactly recall when). From my experience, everything works just fine,
at least for my current workflow (clients' projects, GHC development etc).
At work I have successfully used GHC 8.6.5 and 8.10.2 for various projects,
both with Cabal and Stack and didn't experience any major problems.

In terms of performance, I cannot judge. If it got slower, I certainly
didn't notice.

I hope it helps! :)


On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 at 22:29, Merijn Verstraaten <merijn at>

> > On 27 Jan 2021, at 21:56, Richard Eisenberg <rae at> wrote:
> > I'm currently running MacOS High Sierra, 10.13.6. Things are fine, but
> I'd like to upgrade to get Dark Mode and (hopefully) to speed up Mail.
> (That is, upgrading is nice, but not at all necessary.)
> I just (finally) upgraded to Catalina last week and the 8.10.2 bindist
> works just fine (you have to fiddle with xattr after unzipping, there's an
> issue on gitlab that has the right command in there). If you're going to
> Mojave then there's 0 issues. Big Sur I haven't tried yet.
> > If I upgrade, will GHC hate me? That is, will GHC 8.10 continue to work?
> Will I continue to be able to compile GHC? Will it be as performant? (A few
> years ago, I had a strange issue on a secondary computer where any binary
> built by GHC was horribly slow; we never got to the bottom of it.)
> I didn't notice any performance regressions, but I also haven't paid close
> attention.
> - Merijn
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