How to set idScope properly when converting LhsExpr GhcPs to CoreExpr?

Richard Eisenberg lists at
Tue Aug 31 19:25:34 UTC 2021

I took a look at this today. I found

> Note [GlobalId/LocalId]
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> A GlobalId is
>   * always a constant (top-level)
>   * imported, or data constructor, or primop, or record selector
>   * has a Unique that is globally unique across the whole
>     GHC invocation (a single invocation may compile multiple modules)
>   * never treated as a candidate by the free-variable finder;
>         it's a constant!
> A LocalId is
>   * bound within an expression (lambda, case, local let(rec))
>   * or defined at top level in the module being compiled
>   * always treated as a candidate by the free-variable finder
> After CoreTidy, top-level LocalIds are turned into GlobalIds

This suggests that the output you're seeing -- with "lid" in QQQ and "gid" in PPP -- is correct. What has drawn your attention to this problem? Is there something else that's misbehaving?


> On Aug 25, 2021, at 4:16 PM, Yiyun Liu <liuyiyun at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a function in Liquidhaskell's code base for converting
> refinement expressions into GHC's core expressions using the GHC API.
> Its implementation is based on tcRnExpr
> <>except
> we keep the typechecked expression and desugar it before returning.
> However, our function fails to set the idScope information properly when
> LiquidHaskell is invoked as a plugin (installed as a
> typeCheckResultAction). This repo
> <>contains a minimal
> example that demonstrates the issue. In the CoreExpr returned by
> elabRnExpr
> <>,
> every symbol from the current module that's being compiled is labeled as
> local. The file shows how the exported symbol testPlus is
> marked as local in QQQ.hs, the module where it's defined.
> Is there a function we should call to set the idScope information properly?
> Thanks,
> -Yiyun
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