How to use Lexer.lexer to produce closing braces as well?

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Wed Aug 18 14:20:54 UTC 2021


I have recently been playing with GHC's Lexer.lexer in the ghc-parser-lib


   module HelloWorld where

   main = putStrLn "Hello World!\n"

it produces

   stack exec -- lexer-exe ./examples/HelloWorld.hs
   Lexing&Parsing: ./examples/HelloWorld.hs
   module at (1, 1): module
   CONID at (1, 8): CONID
   where at (1, 19): where
   vocurly at (3, 1): vocurly    <==== { is inserted automatically!!
   VARID at (3, 1): VARID
   = at (3, 6): =
   VARID at (3, 8): VARID
   STRING at (3, 17): STRING
   ; at (4, 1): ;

By the example above, the lexer automatically inserts an opening brace
(i.e. vocurly) right after 'where'. But it does not insert a matching
closing brace (i.e., vccurly), which would lead to a failure in parsing a
list of tokens produced by the lexer.

My question is how to use the GHC lexer to produce closing braces as well.

All my code is available

To save your time, the relevant part of the code is as follows:

In app/HaskellLexer.hs,

    singleHaskellToken :: P (Located Token)
    singleHaskellToken =
      Lexer.lexer False
        (\locatedToken -> P (\pstate -> POk pstate locatedToken))

    tokInfos :: [Terminal Token] -> P (Line, Column, [Terminal Token])
    tokInfos s = do
      locatedToken <- singleHaskellToken
      case locatedToken of
        L srcspan ITeof ->
          let (start_line, start_col, end_line, end_col) = srcSpanToLineCol
srcspan in
          return (end_line, end_col, s)

        L srcspan tok ->
          let (start_line, start_col, end_line, end_col) = srcSpanToLineCol
srcspan in
          tokInfos (Terminal (fromToken tok) start_line start_col (Just
tok) : s)

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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