Integrating more base Instances in the `stock` deriving strategy?

Hécate hecate at
Thu Apr 15 15:28:03 UTC 2021

Hi folks!

I would like to start a discussion (if it hasn't already been done) 
around the idea of integrating the various type-classes that Base 
offers, that are hidden behind language extensions, in the `stock` 
deriving strategy.
I wasn't around when it was all implemented, but I've always lived with 
it in my code bases, and I'd like to know if there are deeper issues 
pertaining to their exclusion from the `stock` deriving strategy.

Here is the link to the discussion ticket:

Cheers, and have a nice week!

Hécate ✨
🐦: @TechnoEmpress
IRC: Uniaika

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