Fat interface files?

Zubin Duggal zubin.duggal at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 12:11:08 UTC 2020

I found the branch here: https://github.com/ezyang/ghc/commit/13615ca4e4bf759f323de22a3d182b06c4050f38

On 20/10/20 12:06, Ben Gamari wrote:
>Hi Edward,
>While chatting with the ghc-ide folks recently I realized that it would
>be useful to be able to preserve Core such that compilation can be
>restarted (e.g. to be pushed down the bytecode pipeline to evaluate TH
>As I recall this is precisely what you implemented in your "fat
>interface file" work. Do you recall what the state of this work was? Do
>you have a branch with last-known-good work? Do you recall any tricky
>questions that remained outstanding?
>- Ben

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