Iface loading type reflection module bindings

Josh Meredith joshmeredith2008 at gmail.com
Sun May 17 16:54:39 UTC 2020


In attempting to implement an extensible interface field for Core bindings
on my previous interfaces patch, I've run into problems with deserialising
special type reflection `$trModule` bindings generated by
These bindings are then stored in the `ModGuts.mg_binds` along with the
real exported
top-level bindings of the module.

Specifically, attempting to load the iface right-hand side expressions with
`tcIfaceExpr` results in the error "Iface id out of scope" from
My understanding is that this may be because the binding is attempting to
itself up within the interface loading environment, without being bound yet
though it's unclear to me whether this is the correct behaviour for these
type reflection bindings, or if there's some special treatment that should
instead applied to load these.

Any advice on how I should proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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