GHC/ | GHC doesn't inline small type class method marked as INLINE with profiling enabled (#18372)

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From: Andrzej Rybczak <gitlab at>
Sent: 21 June 2020 15:44
To: Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at>
Subject: GHC/ | GHC doesn't inline small type class method marked as INLINE with profiling enabled (#18372)

Andrzej Rybczak<> created an issue:


When profiling is enabled, GHC doesn't inline small type class methods which prevents further optimizations and specialization from happening.

Steps to reproduce

When the following module:

module Main where

import Optics.Core

data T = T { _t1 :: Int

           , _t2 :: Int


t1 :: Lens' T Int

t1 = lensVL $ \f s -> (\n -> s { _t1 = n}) <$> f (_t1 s)

{-# INLINE t1 #-}

t2 :: Lens' T Int

t2 = lensVL $ \f s -> (\n -> s { _t2 = n}) <$> f (_t2 s)

{-# INLINE t2 #-}

t_val :: T

t_val = T 1 2

{-# NOINLINE t_val #-}

main :: IO ()

main = putStrLn . show $ view t1 t_val + view t2 t_val

is compiled with profiling enabled, here's how core of main looks:


  = case ((($fStrongForget_$clinear main_l1) (id `cast` <Co:41>))

          `cast` <Co:42>)



    { I# x_a2c8 ->

    case ((($fStrongForget_$clinear main_l2) (id `cast` <Co:41>))

          `cast` <Co:42>)



    { I# y_a2cb ->

    case $wshowSignedInt 0# (+# x_a2c8 y_a2cb) [] of

    { (# ww5_a277, ww6_a278 #) ->

    : ww5_a277 ww6_a278




So linear doesn't get inlined even though it's a small function that is even explicitly marked INLINE<>.

This prevents further optimizations from happening and leaves optics-related code in semi-optimized state, making looking at cost centers unreliable (see well-typed/optics#324<>).

When profiling is disabled, everything inlines and optimizes away as expected:


  = case t_val of { T ds_d25F ds1_d25G ->

    case ds_d25F of { I# x_a2c7 ->

    case ds1_d25G of { I# y_a2ca ->

    case $wshowSignedInt 0# (+# x_a2c7 y_a2ca) [] of

    { (# ww5_a276, ww6_a277 #) ->

    : ww5_a276 ww6_a277





I'm attaching archive with cabal project that contains above module for easy reproduction: prof_test.tar.gz<>

Profiling build was tested with profiling: True in cabal.project.local.

Expected behavior

GHC should inline class methods marked as INLINE when profiling is enabled.


  *   GHC version used: 8.10.1


  *   Operating System: Arch Linux
  *   System Architecture: x86_64

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