Merge window logistics and relaxation of submodule policy

Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Jun 10 21:13:51 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

At this point we are in the home stretch of the GHC 8.12 preparation
phase. The merge queue has progressed a bit more slowly than I would
have liked over the last few weeks but nevertheless I think we are

Regardless, if you have a patch which you believe should go in to 8.12
and doesn't already bear the %8.12 GitLab milestone, please do let me know.

# Submodule policy

One matter that is currently holding us up is a few submodules which
haven't yet had necessary patches merged upstream. As there hasn't yet
been much motion on the part of maintainer, I propose that we
temporarily relax our policy that GHC submodules refer to upstream
commits. That is, we allow GHC to temporarily track a non-upstream
branch, ensuring that the branch is merged upstream before the final GHC

Are there any objections to this policy relaxation? It will require a
bit more care on our part, but I think it is a sensible compromise way
to give upstream maintainers the time they need while ensuring that GHC
isn't subject to unpredictable schedules.


- Ben
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