How to turn LHExpr GhcPs into CoreExpr

Andreas Klebinger klebinger.andreas at
Wed Jan 22 12:09:28 UTC 2020

I tried this for fun a while ago and ran into the issue of needing to
provide a type environment containing Prelude and so on.
I gave up on that when some of the calls failed because I must have
missed to set up some implicit state properly.
I didn't have an actual use case (only curiosity) so I didn't look
further into it. If you do find a way please let me know.

I would also support adding any missing functions to GHC-the-library to
make this possible if any turn out to be required.

As an alternative you could also use the GHCi approach of using a fake
Module. This would allow you to copy whatever GHCi is doing.
But I expect that to be slower if you expect to process many such strings,

Richard Eisenberg schrieb am 22.01.2020 um 10:36:
> You'll need to run the expression through the whole pipeline.
> 1. Parsing
> 2. Renaming
> 3. Type-checking
> 3a. Constraint generation
>   3b. Constraint solving
>   3c. Zonking
> 4. Desugaring

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